Eww I just got to the car scene. What kind of fucking piece of shit hits on his finance’s daughter’s underage best friend? This show is so fucked up.

I thought having Alison back would be fun, but it’s not and she just needs to gtfo.

NOOOOO not Ella’s cute fiancé! Why are all the men in rosewood such skeevy perverts?

I hate drunk Hanna.

What is going on with troian’s hair? It looks like a wig. Did I miss something there?

Also how in the fuck did the awfulness that is Hemlock Grove ever get a second season? This needs to be discussed. 


i forgot that tumblr tags don’t recognize emphasis quotes so please don’t think I’m a dumbass who doesn’t know what liveblogging is.

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I just discovered the Halloween, Alaska EP with cover songs and THEY COVERED NEKO CASE OMG. Why doesn’t youtube have this it’s been like 9 months.

This is life’s ultimate cruelty. It offers us a taste of youth and vitality, and then it makes us witness our own decay.

Countdown to Halloween → Death Becomes Her (1992)

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